The Mother Wound Whisperer

Don’t worry, you are exactly where you need to be right now.  

It's time to heal your mother wound!

Hi I'm Charlotte,

In the past, people have called me the ‘mother wound whisperer’, ‘the gentle therapist’, ‘the meditative counsellor’.

It is true, I am approachable and friendly.

I’m not clinical, nor overpowering and overwhelming, but be warned: I am qualified, efficient and effective, and I am so excited you are here!

I know you'll have many questions,
Let's explore them

Frequently I am asked, 'Why do I hate my mom so much?', 'I have no feelings for my mother', 'I hate my mother so much, what do I do now?'. You may find yourself getting triggered by your mum or you are triggering your mother.

Often, the word Narcissist comes up, what are the symptoms and characteristics of a narcissist, and could your mother be one.

When you are faced with a decision, you might be wondering whether to set boundaries or to cut away entirely. You might not know how to cope.

Arguing, triggering, problems, hate.
Have you heard of the Mother Wound?

What is the Mother Wound and why do you need to deal with it? 

The mother wound is something that has opened up within you as a child and now affects you in adult life. It can affect many aspects of your life and create harmful habits.

Ever wondered about:  

  • Relationships
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Hoarding
  • People Pleasing
  • Perfectionism 
  • Being held back from living your full life  
  • Feeling powerless

Want to find out how healthy your relationship with your mum is?

Charlotte Pardy MA is a Psychotherapist and fellow survivor who works with women who have difficult relationships with their mothers to help them heal from their trauma and feel happier and confident.

Charlotte's Work

In 2011, Charlotte decided to study Psychotherapy so that she could help herself and others understand the psychology behind the Mother Wound, how it truly affects people and how we can over come the issues we face.

In 2021, Charlotte wrote an article for Female First, in which she talks about ‘The impact of growing up with a difficult mother’ and shared her first-hand experiences of battling with a very difficult childhood and showed how she transformed herself into a fully qualified and learned woman who actively participates in the global shift of helping women thrive in this new era of feminism.

Healing your mother wound is the greatest gift you can give yourself

As daughters who have been used to pleasing our mums, keeping the peace or trying so hard to be ultra-independent and not need her, throwing ourselves into work, trying to feel better, trying not to be like our mums, it's a struggle to put ourselves first.

To believe we are worth the time and investment it takes to heal

After all, if we valued our worth and loved ourselves unconditionally, we wouldn't be looking to our mum, our boss, or partner, our friends, and/or our kids for validation all the time. Healing your mother wound is a journey of self-discovery that will change how you feel and what you believe about yourself, helping you uncover layers of success, happiness, and confidence you never knew were possible. Giving yourself the gift of healing means opening your Self up to the idea you are worthy and enough, just as you are.

Experience Charlotte's Game Changing Therapy

Are you ready to ditch the guilt, shame and blame?

Having a challenging and frustrating mother can be hard, and many women I see in my work just want to fix their mum and feel better.

But it doesn’t work like that…

Being around someone who is critical, controlling, competitive and emotionally absent affects:

  • Our confidence
  • Beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world
  • How resilient we are
  • Our relationships including those with our partner and children
  • How we feel about ourselves
  • Our work 

My mission is to help women like you heal and thrive!

Many women are surprised to find that when they dig under the surface of their difficult relationships with their mum, and their feelings of guilt, shame and blame, that they carry many emotional and mental wounds that need to be healed to live a happier, healthier life.

But don't take my word for it

Here are some things my clients have said about their own healing

striving for

No More sleepless nights

Working on my mindset and limiting beliefs with Charlotte has really allowed me to live my life for me. I no longer have sleepless nights, get upset about my mum, and that horrible endless feeling of guilt has gone. I’d recommend her work to anyone with a difficult mother, Charlotte is just so easy to talk to. Claire

striving for

living my best life

I have had a year of transformation in my life and Charlotte has been a huge part of that. She has helped me explore issues from my childhood regarding my relationship with my parents, and to understand deeply how they have continued to affect me and shape my relationships as an adult. With her support, I have been able to move through a rocky period in my life, set boundaries with people that I never would have been able to before, and level up my life in a way I never knew was possible. I will always be grateful to Charlotte for helping me discover things about myself I never knew and truly helping me to live my best life. Thank you. Lynne

striving for

Reducing Anxiety

I have been working with Charlotte for a year and have made amazing progress with healing. I have learnt how to break the patterns of behaviour which lead to guilt and shame and how to forgive myself. This has entailed separating myself emotionally from my mother, something I was unable to do even though she died over twenty years ago. I have learned to look at situations and relationships as they are, not how my mother would have viewed them. I now know how to look at myself as I am, rather than how my mother wanted me to be. I apply these lessons to daily life and have reduced the constant feelings of anxiety about getting everything right and being perfect. Charlotte is an excellent teacher.  Penny

striving for

Reaching my potential

I've been no contact for two years, and what I'm discovering is that I'm more "me" without her. More courageous, more present, more witty, more happy, more balanced, more joyous, more loving, more loved.... the list goes on. This all about the gain. The loss doesn't exist for me, she was never there. More confident, more focused, more intuitive, more authentic. And, MORE than anything, I feel able to reach my potential. That's huge for me, because I never realised before that having more of all the above, was what I needed to get there. Hallelujah, Yvette 

striving for

more courage, less pandering

I recently had a confrontation with a friend. They were acting up and I reluctantly pulled them up on it. They blew up and walked away.  My usual reaction is to blame myself and pander to them. I also have a tendency to worry about it and blame myself for a while after, sometimes disturbing my sleep. Straight after the confrontation had happened, I remembered something Charlotte had taught me. The useful ‘Charlotte’ voice pointed out that the feeling terrible and wanting to appease comes from a time when I wanted to appease my mother while at the same time, blame myself for her actions. Immediately on reminding myself of this, the bad feeling went away. It had completely taken the power out of it. I didn’t worry unnecessarily about my friend and it fixed itself without all the heartache. These things actually work! Thank you, Charlotte. You are amazing.   Angela 

striving for

letting the guilt go

I have been working with Charlotte for a while now and since having access to this group and the workbooks within it, I have been able to understand so much more about myself and my relationship with my mother. It has helped me to release blame and let go of any guilt I had over how our relationship stands. Charlotte has the best ways to allow you to see things from a more open perspective giving you time to digest and understand the reasons why things may be. Since being in this group I have been able to take a different approach with my mother, and minimise the conflict between us, although I know we both still have alot of healing to do. I understand that my healing is my responsibility now and that I have to put myself first. Charlottes work is highly recommended with her wit, sense of self, friendly yet professional manner and her warmth.  Natalie 

Are you ready to transform?

“I have had a year of transformation in my life and Charlotte has been a huge part of that. She has helped me explore issues from my childhood regarding my relationship with my parents, and to understand deeply how they have continued to affect me and shape my relationships as an adult”. Lynne

The world is waiting for your true Self.
The cost of avoiding this is monumental, both to you and to the world.

Keeping yourself small, trying not to offend anyone and keeping your head down? You are becoming lost to a society that needs you. Your healing is the most important thing right now.

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Charlotte's Whispers

Charlotte Pardy MA is a Psychotherapist and fellow survivor who works with women who have difficult relationships with their mothers to help them heal from their trauma and feel happier and confident.